Multisensor Systems and Robotics Research Group

Recognized research group (ref. GR-2017-0002) by the Spanish "Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades"

The Research Group on Multisensor Systems and Robotics (SiMuR, belongs to the Department of Electrical, Electronics, Computers and Systems of the University of Oviedo. The RG-SIMUR consists of 9 members. Juan Carlos Alvarez, professor in Systems Engineering and Automation, is the head of the group.

The research activities of the RG-SIMUR focus on the interplay between Human Movement Science, Sensor Systems, and Robotics. Specifically, it focuses on the development of enabling technologies for the ambulatory monitoring and understanding of human activity in daily life conditions.

Research lines:

Ambulatory measurement of human motion: model-based design of wearable multisensor systems (optimized arrangements of sensors) let us to improve accuracy, robustness, fault-tolerance and auto-configuration properties.

Last publications: J11, J09

Motion prediction and anticipation: prediction is a step forward from just motion measurement, which allow us to solve problems that demand a tight action coupling between humans and machines, e.g. working in robots close proximity.

Last publications: J12

Human-Robot motion coordination: the ambulatory measurement of human behavior in real-time opens different ways for designing new methods for harmonious human-centered robot motion, from gross motor movement to planning.

Last publications: J07, P13

More info:Nota de prensa: “Robots que colaboran con los seres humanos”, El Comercio 28.04.14 (pdf 205KB)Activity brochure from the 2013 European Clearing House for Open Robotics catalogue (pdf 83KB)