Juan Carlos Alvarez Alvarez

Associate Professor and group coordinator, his topics of interest include robot motion planning, human motion modelling, and model-based understanding of interactions in human-robot shared environments.

Diego Álvarez Prieto

Associate Professor, his doctorate was about Sensor-Based Robot Motion Planning with Dynamics. His topics of interest include sensor data integration, robotics systems and design of wearable sensor systems.

Antonio M. López Rodríguez

Associate Professor, his topics of interests include human-robot interaction, physiological computing, body-worn sensors, estimation theory, pattern recognition and machine learning.

Diego Valdés

PhD candidate, working in cognitive decline prediction based on ambulatory gait analysis.

Luis F. Murillo Fernández

PhD candidate, working in collaboration with robots using wearable mocap systems.

Leticia González Rodriguez

PhD candidate, working in ambulatory human motion prediction and interpretation.