Technology transfer

(Bowsens Research)

Projects with industry and technology transfer is made in colaboration with Bowsens Research.

Health and Eldercare

Monitoring and evaluation of the health hazards present at a workplace is useful to both employees and employers. Similar aids, oriented to elderly people can empower them to live independently.

Aim: to develop portable and wearable nonintrusive sensor systems to assess conditions and health risks in an effortless and inexpensive way.

Sport and rehabilitation

Sport training and rehabilitation can benefit from ambulatory sensor systems technologies designed to capture human motion-related and physiological variables in real-time.

Aim: to design sensor systems able to provide a personalized user feedback with motivational aspects, by customized information treatment and knowledge extraction in prolonged time periods.

Industry 4.0: man-machine collaboration

Ambulatory activity recognition would facilitate a natural and effortless integration of people in new cooperative scenarios, such as human-robot interaction or ambient intelligence.

Aim: to develop tools to have robots interacting with people safely, by using wearable sensors and environmental sensors. To apply that info into human-aware robot motion planning.

Possible R&D topics: wearable and robotic/environmental sensors for measuring the physical activity and movement of people and for estimating their emotional state (arousal, perceived security, etc.). Operator monitoring for ergonomics and occupational health applications. Location and monitoring of people in industrial environments. Prediction of human movement. Recognition of the user's intention. Sensor-based systems for safety in collaborative man-robot environments. Intelligent algorithms for man-machine collaboration. New man-machine interfaces (gestural, intentional teleoperation, etc). Autonomous and semi-autonomous robots. Robot construction and programming. Advanced software development environments for the integration of human-robot systems (ROS).